Expression 01 by Bottega will be a one-of-a-kind “Beach home” collection of residences designed to create a new definition of Broadbeach architecture. The architecture of the tower is defined by sculpted, raft-like projections; articulated slab edges shaped to provide privacy, but still maintain views and amenity. The bow-like shapes are a playful nautical reference, given the tower’s proximity to the beach and ocean.

The ‘bow’ motif is consistently expressed throughout the facade, and also forms the crown of the tower, capping the two storey penthouse housed on Levels 16 and 17. The roof peels away above the penthouse living area, forming a skylight that also emphasises the raft shape.

The core of the building has also been designed to afford more space to the verandah, allowing 2 private express journey passenger lifts, ease of movement, and a greater opportunity to dwell within the space. Residents will enter through The ‘Gatehouse’, another iteration of the ‘bow,’ floats above the ground floor threshold, marking the entry into the site. The gatehouse bow will be dressed in draping greenery, and by punctuated by a feature tree growing through the oculus.

123 Old Burleigh Road is well positioned in walking distance to parklands, restaurants, and the beach. The iconic architecture will present a strong contrast to the the surrounding area mix of multi-storey residential developments, and hotels, with pockets of mid-century and traditional bungalow style dwellings.

3 Unique
Beach Homes
in the sky

The development will consist of a 17 storey tower, housing twelve 3 bedroom Beach Houses, two-storey private Pool House, and a two-storey Penthouse. The design of each home is derived from the concept of the Queensland beach house, a typology synonymous with living on the Gold Coast – characterised by the following key concepts:

  1. The separation of public and private functions, into living and sleeping ‘pods’
  2. A permeable facade, with access to landscape and greenery
  3. Arriving at the Verandah: a space which mediates the transition between public and private, but is also designed as habitable breezeway – an indoor/outdoor dwell space that takes advantage of views, light, and the sub tropical climate

Floor Through

Level 5

Located on Level 05 to take advantage of beach and ocean views, the pool deck provides equitable access to residents of both the low-rise and high-rise apartments.

The floor houses a variety of spaces and functions for communal use, including the pool, deck and dining room to the north, and the lounge/library, and gallery to the south, all surrounded by areas of lush landscaping.

Architecturally, the amenities level acts as a ‘break’ to the rhythm of the tower, with the cantilevered pool a striking feature on the eastern street elevation.

Interiors concept:
textured facade
timber core

Each 123OBR home has been crafted to embrace the natural ease of living on the Gold Coast. Expressed through a refined and curated palette, the interiors are graciously designed to exemplify the utmost in quality, luxury and personality.

The spaces throughout the residences and resort level bring together simple, refined and elegant materials that reference the local beach surroundings. Gentle textures play off of punctuated greenery that completes the architecture down to the very last detail. Welcome to the ultimate in relaxed luxury.


Lizzie Gill is a mixed media artist. Her work explores themes of retro Americana in a contemporary context. Through a variety of mediums she illustrates a time warp, composed of everyday life, human agency and the disingenuous. The disingenuous nature of her work pertains to one’s ability to mislead through dress, speech or manner. Growing up in the digital age, this deception is often conducted behind a series of computer screens. This manipulation is also evident in her process. Her canvases are comprised of mixed media and oil, a process first approached through digital collage and then translated onto canvas.

The square format is an analogy for how popular technology, such as the app Instagram, defines how we view and experience life events. The evidence of artist’s hand is explored through a series of gestural brushstrokes, while traces of the digital process remain present. The imagery elicits notions of science fiction, with figures suspended in other dimensions, where natural laws, such as gravity, do not apply.